About Us

Here at uStats.org, we are a team of data analysts and researchers, with a varied expertise in a range of fields and subject matter. We have a large team of researchers who spend their time investigating the latest trends and topics, sourcing data and statistics which are rich and in-depth. What we like to do at uStats.org, is to provide you with content you have not seen before in a detailed and informative way. 

uStats.org is focussed on providing well-researched, well-written material for all audiences. We guarantee that we will provide the highest quality of research, to ensure a professional, trustworthy service you can rely on.

Everything we do is thoroughly researched and placed together, using a variety of tools which helps us to demonstrate our skills when analysing and presenting primary and secondary data. 

Our range of statistics/data have been published in The Independent, Marie Claire, The Daily Mail, The Express, The Guardian, HR News, The National Student, The Standard, Economic Voice, The Telegraph, and several other publications. 

All of our statistics are based on official statistics, to create notable, trustworthy data to be used to: