Decibel Surveys

Looking for new ways to spin a study? Decibel surveys focus on the level of sound within a song, chant, crowd, movie, or television show. For example, you could compare one stadium of supporters cheering for their home team to another to compare the loudest and most encouraging fans across the UK. 

This type of survey requires the use of an iPhone app to accurately record the volume of sound you’re looking into. 

Campaigns perfect for decibel surveys

Here are just a few of the campaigns that decibel surveys are perfect for: 

●    Comparing TV or movie scenes (e.g. finding which action film has the loudest fighting scenes)
●    The best songs for each occasion (e.g. the loudest songs for a great wedding reception)
●    Sleep (e.g. the most soothing songs to fall asleep to)
●    Exercise (e.g. the louder the song, the quicker you run)

You can use decibel surveys to find the loudest (or quietest) of anything. 

Don’t just settle for the usual survey questions that have been asked thousands of times; bring something new to your research.

How do decibel surveys work? 

The intelligent app will turn your iPhone into a sound level metre fit for professionals by determining the intensity of the noise you’re experiencing (or playing) in terms of decibel units (dB). Simply put, the larger the number, the louder the sound is. 

You can use these findings to determine whether one set of sounds is louder than another, allowing you to draw comparisons between the two easily. 

Some things to consider are: 

1.    Having enough material to assess correctly - If you just have a couple of seconds of sound, the results may not be as accurate as if you had a minute. However, this isn’t always a deal-breaker. Just make sure any sound you’re looking into has the same amount of material to compare. 
2.    Accurate recording methods - This one is pretty easy. You can use sounds you found on YouTube, streaming sites or even recorded yourself in a decibel survey. You just need to judge whether this source is trustworthy. 

By knowing how decibel surveys work and how they can help you, you’re setting yourself in a great position to excel when it comes to your campaigns. 

Benefits of using decibel surveys

The benefits of using decibel surveys are countless. They will help you to put out interesting and genuinely helpful campaigns as they are a source based on science. 

●    The data can’t lie. Instead of falsified responses you can often receive from traditional surveys, using decibels only results in accurate readings. 
●    Builds-up authority. By using a science-based survey as the foundation of your campaigns, you’re building up trust with your audience and journalists. 
●    They’re evergreen. Many survey responses go out of date quickly as public opinion can shift within a couple of hours, whereas sound stays the same. The crowd in the World Cup final was only a specific volume once, and nothing can change that. 

Perhaps the most significant benefit of using decibel surveys is the opportunity to do something your competitors never have. Leave the simple surveys to them and dive into a new perspective.  

Decibel Surveys:

Please note these are approximate prices and should be used as guidelines. An exact quote will be sent prior to ordering.

Pricing for iPhone or Android is now the same. Based on approx. 5-minute tests, pricing is as follows:

  • Standard selection: £2 per response
  • Targeted selection: £3 per response