Heart Rate Studies

Conventional surveys have long existed, with participants occasionally giving dull or somewhat predictable answers to the same repetitive questions. So why not think outside of the box with your next campaign’s data collection and find out how your participants really think and feel, with a wealth of scientific data to back up your claims!

With greater access to heart rate monitoring technology, we are more capable than ever before of gaining an insight into the way individuals respond to specific triggers and events, enabling you to create unique, never seen before studies and content for yourself and your clients. 

If you are looking to keep the finger on the pulse of how people truly feel about and respond to specific events, there is no better way than through our Heart Rate Studies. 

How Do Heart Rate Studies Work 

Heart rate studies are used to measure the biological reactions we have towards different events, triggers and situations by monitoring fluctuations in our heart rates in specific settings and circumstances. Essentially, we conduct this style of research by setting up certain situations and subjecting participants to various triggers, or trends to measure their heart rates, before, during and after the experiment.

Our hearts are incredibly complex and they deliver invaluable insight into the physical activity, habits and emotional responses that make us human, so why not leverage this data in an intelligent way?

Depending on your specific needs, requests and ideas, we craft the perfect heart rate study to achieve the most accurate, relevant and interesting results for you. 

The Benefits Of Heart Rate Studies 

  • They provide a detailed insight into how the body responds to certain things, which is an understanding previously reserved by medical professionals and doctors. 
  • They offer the capacity to trace certain behaviours and responses over a period of time that suits your needs. 
  • They incorporate reliable science, adding credibility to your research and studies as a result. 
  • They broaden the range of campaign ideas available to you, empowering you to conquer ideas that were previously out of reach. 
  • They seek to eliminate falsified, dishonest and mistaken responses within traditional opinion-based surveys by presenting real-time, reliable data.

Heart Rate Studies Are Perfect For Campaigns Relating To:

  • Exercise (e.g. determining the most and least strenuous activities or trades roles) 
  • Fitness (e.g. comparing the health and fitness of specific demographics) 
  • Fear Levels (e.g. ranking the scariest films or interview questions)
  • Sleep (e.g. discovering the profession that sleeps the best at night)
  • Relaxation (e.g. finding out which hobbies are the most calming)
  • Stress Levels (e.g. revealing the most stressed-out profession or book plot!)

Who Can Be Subject To A Heart Rate Study?

Depending on your specific requirements, individuals from all demographics can be subject to a heart rate study. There is no risk of harm associated with this form of data collection - so long as it is used responsibly. In fact, even dogs can be subject to this form of study! 

Heart Rate Studies are commonly used to compare the heart rates of individuals from different backgrounds, and common targeting and use include comparing participants’ results by:

  • Age
  • Location 
  • Gender
  • Professional status 
  • Socio-economic background
  • Interests (e.g. different sports teams)
  • Activity levels
  • And many more variables. 

Arguably the best thing about Heart Rate Studies is how versatile and flexible they are, enabling you to acquire the results for any topic of interest, no matter how particular. 

Heart Rate Surveys:

Please note these are approximate prices and should be used as guidelines. An exact quote will be sent prior to ordering.

This option is priced on the time taken to complete the full test. For example, if you want to take a heartbeat measurement before and after a 5-minute exercise, the total time is 10 minutes.  For the pricing example, we assume a 5-minute period. If yours will take substantially longer, we will provide a bespoke price.

  • Human heartrate survey: Standard £2.50
  • Targeted heartrate survey (Location, Age, Gender, Status): £3.50
  • Dog heartrate survey: £3.50