Sleep Studies

Studies and surveys have long been a much-favoured tool in the PR experts belt. But the traditional survey format can be limiting, with run-of-the-mill questions and predictable answers. These days, however, with tech advancements and creative innovations, you can breathe new life into your studies to discover what consumers are really thinking - and feeling.  

Wearable tech, in particular, has changed the game when it comes to data collection and provides a wealth of real-life insights into how people are feeling, what they’re doing and how they’re sleeping. Monitoring an individual’s REM sleep or awake hours can reveal everything from stress levels to musical tastes, allowing you to create fascinating and shareable content for you and your clients. 

How Do Sleep Studies Work

Sleep studies are used to monitor how an individual’s lifestyle and environment can impact that all-important shut-eye. Whether you want to measure the effect exercise can have on an individual’s sleeping pattern or determine if those 100% Egyptian cotton sheets really do make a difference, our sleep research will answer all your questions.

The value of a good night's sleep on one’s health and fitness is well-documented, but for some, an 8-hour kip is elusive while others are asleep before their head hits the pillow. Tap into this expansive world of sleep to elevate your studies with real-world data from our willing participants. 

When provided with your ideas and goals for the study, we can create the optimum sleep survey to achieve the most accurate and intelligent results for you.

The Benefits Of Sleep Studies

  • They offer detailed insights into how the body and brain behave at night, data that has not been available to those outside the medical profession.
  • They present reliable science that will bring credibility to your studies and content.
  • Unlike traditional question and answer surveys, they offer real-time data that is not impacted by opinions or preferences.  
  • They allow you to measure variables, such as lifestyle and environment, that can challenge preconceptions with valuable insights. 
  • They open up a whole host of new campaign ideas, allowing you to create unique campaigns for yourself or your client.

Sleep Studies Are Ideal For Campaigns Relating To:

  • Fitness (e.g. determining whether running or cycling helps you sleep better)
  • Mindfulness (e.g. finding out if yoga, meditation or colouring leads to a deeper sleep)
  • Homeware (e.g. ranking duvet thickness or thread count for the best night’s sleep)
  • Music (e.g. discovering the best type of music to play to drop off the quickest)
  • Social Activities (e.g. revealing if busy social lives get in the way of the optimum 8hr snooze)
  • Stress Levels (e.g. investigating the impact of stressful jobs on REM sleep)

Who Can Take Part In A Sleep Study?

Depending on your requirements and goals for the study, any individual can take part in a sleep study. Commonly used to compare sleep cycles and patterns of individuals from different demographics, you can target the participant’s results by variables such as:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Professional status
  • Socio-economic background
  • Interests & hobbies

There are no limits to our sleep studies, offering you a wide range of participants and variables from which to draw your conclusions from. This flexibility will transform your studies and help you create innovative content to drive your campaigns.

Sleep Surveys:

Please note these are approximate prices and should be used as guidelines. An exact quote will be sent prior to ordering.

Pricing for this type of survey is based on per respondent per night (iWatch and Fitbit priced the same):

  • Standard: £5 (complete data from App)
  • Targeted £8 (complete data from App)