Using the Land Registry, sought to identify the most popular day of the week when properties are sold. Research has shown that it’s not just the time of year which determines the success of selling your property.

The research team found that almost half of all properties are transferred on a Friday; proving to be the most popular day of the week to sell. UStats analysed data by the Land Registry which holds more than 1 million properties that had been sold in 2016 in the UK. The types of properties included detached, semi-detached, terraced, flat/maisonette, new-build and not new-build homes.

The results had shown there was a disparity between the days of the week and the number of properties which were successfully sold. On Friday, there were 458,344 transfers made, outranking all the other days combined.

Thursday had 193,369 transfers made

Wednesday had 144,518 transfers made

Monday had 126,124 transfers made

Tuesday had 111,670 transfers made

Saturday had 877 transfers made

Sunday had 852 transfers made

Interestingly, the popularity of Friday was good for buyers and not necessarily for the vendors. Analysing data from the Land Registry had shown that Friday was to be significantly below the average house price paid than for other days of the week at £285,277. Sunday was the best day of the week for profit to be made on a sale at £363,063, followed by Thursday at £337,920, Tuesday (£335,407) and Wednesday (£335,267). Monday was one of the worst days with an average property price sold for £317,777 and Saturday which was £333,613.